RV Campground Reservations

RV Campground Reservations

When you want to reserve space at an RV campground, it might surprise you to see the number of options you have available. Location is one factor, but it’s important to balance out cost, amenities, nearby places of interest, and options at the site. That’s why it’s key to understand the difference between a public campground and a private RV campsite. When you know what to look for, you can further narrow your search.

Public vs Private RV Campgrounds: What’s the Difference?

A private campground is owned and operated by independent hosts. These RV campgrounds can be owned by locals who live on the site or by a private business – like an RV park. Typically, they have a wide variety of options available for RV camping, including sites with all the hookups you need.

On the other hand, public campgrounds are owned by the state or federal government. This means they are also operated by government employees. Oftentimes, they also offer a wide array of choices from “primitive” camping and rustic backdrops to RV campsites.

Finding the Right RV Campsite

Both public and private RV camping spots present amazing experiences for your average camper. While we won’t rank them here, we do want to point out a few of the key differences between the two. With the right information, you can be more confident that your choice is right for you and your family.

RV Campground Location


Across the United States, there are a number of national parks and state parks with beautiful views that are perfect for camping. Many of these parks are established around a specific natural feature that is a highlight of that area. The main purpose of these parks is to help preserve these spaces so that people can enjoy them for years to come. Oftentimes, they offer great opportunities for birdwatching, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, and more.

For many families, it’s the natural landmarks and scenic views that make them the right choice. Who wouldn’t love waking up and seeing a sunrise on the beach as you step out of your rental RV? Or perhaps a picnic up in the mountains is more your speed? In Texas alone, we have plenty of stunning spaces in our public RV campgrounds.

They take advantage of these natural attributes to ensure their sites are spacious, using the trees to provide more privacy to their campers.


On the other hand, those new to RV rentals or who need a larger motorhome rental might feel more comfortable in a private campground. These spaces tend to be more accommodating to larger RVs, often equipped with pull-through spaces to make parking easier.

Moreover, private campgrounds are often convenient because they are situated near highways and offer easy access when you need to get back on the road.

Typically, private RV campgrounds are close to popular tourist attractions as well. This makes them a great choice when you need a convenient place to settle your motorhome rental around a highly populated area. For example, if you hope to visit a nearby amusement park or sports stadium, this is likely a better choice for you than heading out into the woods.

Moreover, just because these sites are closer to cities doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. Many of these spaces feature gorgeous scenes and trails. Oftentimes, they have clean swimming areas as well.

What’s Your Preferred Camping Style?

While your RV is already a step above pitching a tent, it’s important to consider the activities you want to enjoy on your trip. This will help you narrow down your search and get on a good route to planning your trip.


When it comes to RV campgrounds, public spaces offer a lot of opportunity for recreation out in nature. Do you and your family enjoy hiking and observing nature? Public campgrounds might be your best bet. Because many of these spaces want to preserve their natural resources for future generations, they invest in paths, piers, boardwalks, and more to encourage exploration. These features help visitors get closer to nature without disturbing the area.

Additionally, the government funding means these areas have a focus on accessibility. With paved paths and ramps, they are more accessible to those with disabilities who wish to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors. Oftentimes, these RV campsites also have a beach or waterfront that makes for a wonderful swimming area. That makes them great for families who want a more traditional camping experience.

Private RV Campground

When you want to enjoy the comforts of home, a private RV campground offers a lot of the amenities you need. Amenities are were private spaces excel. Although they vary between RV campsites, these spaces often have laundry facilities, on-site stores with basic necessities, and spaces for family fun.

If unplugging is a big goal for your group, look for more spaces with family-friendly activities. Some feature pools, playgrounds, rec rooms, and even mini-golf or arcades. The adults in the group will likely appreciate a hot tub to relax in after all that driving, too. Moreover, these indoor options make a great alternative when you trip gets rained on.

Your Next Adventure with an RV

Once you have a good idea of which RV Campground is a better fit for you, here are a few additional tips that will help you in your search for the best space possible.

• Start your search ASAP

• Read reviews from other vacation groups

• Comb through the RV campground’s website.

• Have a backup plan, just in case.

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