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Payments, storage, insurance, and worst of all…. maintenance. Yes, the M-word. When RVs are abandoned in storage they tend to go bad.  We take all the headache out of ownership. Get all of the positive aspects of ownership without the headaches!

Rental rates vary by RV so please see individual listings for specifics on rental rates. Also, we encourage you to compare prices with others; you’ll find that TxRvAdventures offers the best RVs with upfront, transparent pricing, and the lowest fees, after all, who wants to be shocked with all the add-ons?

Payment Schedule And Info

Payment Schedule

You pay 35% of the total rental fee at the time of booking. You pay the remainder 14 days before the rental period, or, if booking with less than 14 days to go, at the time of booking.

Security Deposit

You will be charged a security deposit ($1500 to $2500 for motorhomes, $750 to $1000 for trailers) two days before your rental begins. This deposit will be released, less any damages or additional fees (fuel, mileage as noted below) within a week of returning the RV.

Affirm Financing (offered at checkout)

This service is a financing alternative to credit cards and offers instant financing for online purchases to be paid in fixed monthly installments.


You can cancel the vehicle for a full refund, less a 15% service fee of full rental cost, up to 30 days prior to the rental. If you cancel with less than 30 days prior to the rental, you will receive a refund for 50% of the full rental cost. Cancellations must be made in writing.

We are unable to offer refunds for shortened trips if for some reason (e.g. weather, change in schedule) you return the vehicle early. TxRvAdventures reserves the right to cancel a reservation at our discretion if we feel that the rental would not be safe (e.g. a renter shows up intoxicated, a hurricane is expected along the coast and you are determined to go fishing, etc.). If we cancel the reservation you will receive a full refund.

High Altitude Camping

High Altitude Areas: Altitudes above 5,000 ft can affect propane systems such as water heaters, furnaces, and some RV refrigerators. If you plan to travel in these altitudes, make sure you let our staff know at the time of booking so that we can better prepare you for what to expect and how to mitigate disruptions.

Added Charges

Interior Damage Protection ($69) – view policy

Kids, pets, all the necessities of a great camping adventure and also the cause of much stress when it comes to your security deposit! The plan provides coverage for accidental damages that can include: broken appliances and certain electronics, damaged interior doors, walls and furniture, stained bedding or linens, lost keys and re-keying costs. No questions asked!!!

Restocking, Cleaning & Sanitation

There is nothing worse than having to detail your rental at the end of your relaxing vacation. So just like it sounds, we charge a flat fee per rental ($125 for bunk models, $100 for motorhomes, $75 for trailers) to help cover the cost of keeping everything stocked, cleaned and sanitized.  We do the work so you don’t have to.

Required Insurance ($50 to $200 per day depending on RV’s value)

You will be prompted to choose between different levels of insurance coverage during checkout.  This will be for the insurance that covers comprehensive and collision much like your personal vehicle would. You will be able to choose between the Essential Package and Peace of Mind Package. The Essential Package provides state minimums for liability coverage only.  TxRvAdventures recommends the Peace of Mind Package as it provides up to $1M in liability.  Please remember that RVs are big and heavy and have the potential to do a lot of damage, so please protect yourself. Both packages include roadside assistance!

Optional Addons

Delivery $350 for first 25 miles, $10 per mile after that)

This is calculated from our lot to the delivery location, one way.  This fee does not include actual fuel cost and this will be added to the reservation at the conclusion of the rental.  Please keep in mind we have to make the trip twice!

Pets ($100) 3 Max!!!

We love our furry friends. However, they do have fur and no matter how hard you try to clean up after them… well you know. Please do not leave your pets free to roam about the cabin unattended, they tend to do unexpected things when left alone in new environments. Please note that this fee does not cover pet damage. 

Bike Racks ($25-$50)

The option to add a two bike rack to the rear of our trailers ($25). Our motorhomes have the option of adding a four bike rack to them ($50)

Satellite Dish ($100)

A few of our homes have satellite capability built into them (meaning you can watch on any TV throughout the RV). However, most would mean that you will need to connect the box directly to the TV you want to use the satellite on.  This is mostly for our tailgaters out there! We charge $100 to activate the dish as these are rarely used and therefor left deactivated.

Please note that satelite service only works when the RV is parked as the satelite is a seperate unit that you will place outside for coverage.

Trip Cancellation Insurance (6.5% of rental cost) – view policy

Life happens! Even the best-planned trips can be impacted by an unexpected event or unplanned interruption, illness, road closures, traffic accidents, medical emergency, adverse weather, natural disasters, or more. Trip insurance allows you to recoup the investment you made in their trip as long as you meet the terms and conditions outlined in the plan.

Roadside Assistance ($15 per day)  – view policy

Can be removed if you have your own roadside assistance.

For $15 per day you get Coach-Net’s RV Vacation Care Package ensuring you with peace-of-mind protection. Coverage includes unlimited towing, flat tire assistance, battery boost, lockout service and mobile mechanics! 

As part of the program, you’ll be able to make calls into a 24/7 RV Technical Support Hotline to answer questions like “I’m only getting cold water in my shower, how do I fix it?” (TxRvAdventures prefer you call us first as we know our RVs!!!)

Finally, there are personal trip planning services to help you find and reserve a spot in the nearest RV park.  (They even source great local restaurants for you, can you believe it?)

Additional Fees

Additional Mileage ($0.75/$0.50 each)

200 miles per rental day.  Additional miles are $0.75 each.  However, we reward those that plan ahead (your planning helps us plan our maintenance) by offering a discounted rate if purchased prior to pickup.

Additional Generator Hours ($5/$3 each)

4 hours of generator usage per rental day.  Additional generator hours are $5 each.  However, we reward those that plan ahead (your planning helps us plan our maintenance) by offering half off the additional cost if purchased prior to pickup.

Late Returns, between 5pm to 7pm ($125 if notified and approved in advance)

A $125 late fee will be imposed if you return the RV between 5pm and 7pm of your scheduled return day. As much as our employees love their jobs, they too have families of their own. Please stay in contact if you find that you are going to be late, Also please remember that our units are usually booked by other families picking up as quickly as the next day.

Late Returns, after 7pm (extra day rental)

Generally late returns that pass the 7pm mark will not be accepted as there aren’t any employees around to let you in the lot! We also find that it is very hard to complete the return procedure in the dark.  Please communicate in advance if you feel you are going to need an extra day and keep in mind that a lot of our RVs are rented to other families often times starting the next day.

Fuel Not Full, Gas/Diesel ($50 + actual cost)

This usually should not be a problem as there is literally a gas station across the street from us!  However, if we are required to take the motorhome and refuel it there will be a $50 charge plus the actual cost of the fuel.

Fuel Not Full, Propane ($50)

We will give you a list of locations that fill propane around us, however sometimes the RVs are returned without the propane being filled back up.  We do have a propane tank onsite, however we have no way of measuring how much gas we use so we simply charge $50 per tank (sometimes we loose money, sometimes we make money).

Forget to Dump the Sewer ($50)

We realize that this can be a bit of a pain, however we provide a list of the nearest dump locations and look for the dump location app on the tablet we provide you. We have a small tank at our lot that is very expensive to get sucked out, so please dump before you leave your campsite or at one of the locations we show you. 


TxRvAdventures offers a 10% discount off the base rental rate to all Military, Police, Firefighter, EMS and Teachers’ families in honor of your service to our country and community. Please let us know in advance so we can say thank you.

Let’s Talk!

Feel free to call or text to set up your personal appointment.  Come out and see Cubby, Barbara, Molly, Dolly, Winnie, Vinnie, Lucy, Maggie May, Toro, Orbit, Stevie or the Prickly Pear or any of our other wonderful RVs in person before you book! 

Call/Text 346-289-0601


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