Temporary RV Housing

When our neighbors are in need, TX RV Adventures is ready! Throughout Texas and across the nation, temporary housing is made available to those in need. We make emergency RV housing simple for insurance companies, government agencies, contractors, and individuals.

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The Cleanest RV Rentals in Houston

Emergency RV Housing

The TX RV Adventures fleet answered the call for support at Uvalde within 24 hours.

At TX RV Adventures, we are more than a rental lot. We listen to the needs of our clients and community. This helps us continually grow to be the best RV rental agency around.

In dire times, people crave comfort and a clean place to call home. That’s why we maintain the cleanest fleet of motorhomes and travel trailers with the amenities people need. Our goal is to make temporary RV housing simple by having a range of options available.

When people need shelter, we clean, deliver set up, and support our rentals as temporary on-site housing. Once they are able to go home, we return to pick up the RV and take care of all the cleaning and repairs.

Who Needs Temp RV Housing?

Renting out a luxury RV as temporary housing may seem odd to some. However, temporary housing rentals can be less costly and more convenient than hotel rooms.

With a motorhome or trailer, we can park it in a driveway, at a construction site, or in a safe zone. This helps to keep families whole and assists with production or office work as needed.

We are able to bring temp RV housing wherever people are in need.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, motorhomes and trailer housing provide people with accommodations that allow them to protect their property until everything is back to normal. Moreover, it allows people to maintain as normal a routine as possible and provides peace of mind.

Insurance Agencies

We partner with insurance companies to offer temporary housing throughout the country and other nearby areas. When we work with someone’s insurance, it allows us to handle the paperwork with adjusters so that the individuals can focus on what’s important – without additional stress.

Construction Crews

Similarly, certain construction projects occur in places where there is limited access to housing. If you need convenient housing options for your crew, contact TX RV Adventures to learn more about RV housing.

Makeup, Movies, and Production Trailers

While it’s not always an emergency, temporary motorhome housing is a necessity for certain film projects. When hotels aren’t available or simply too far from the location, RV rentals are a convenient option. If you find your production in need, we can help to provide movie trailers to your set or job site.

On-Site Temporary Housing with TX RV Adventures

TX RV Adventures is a leading provider of temporary housing for natural disasters, emergency situations, insurance claims, and more. Our travel trailers and motorhomes bring a sense of comfort to temporary home situations. Moreover, we work with a range of insurance companies when there’s a need for flood displacement for policyholders.

Across industries and throughout the country, people turn to us to provide simple access to housing solutions. Local and state government agencies call on our team because we offer a reliable, convenient source for housing.

Whether you need short or long-term rentals, contact the team at TX RV Adventures today!

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