RV 101: Know Your Motorhomes

RV 101: Know Your Motorhomes

Whether it’s your first time in an RV or you’ve been on the road, it’s important to know your motorhomes. Houston, TX is one of the largest cities in the country, offering access to many incredible sites. From massive shopping malls to the NASA Space Center, there’s always something to see. However, 2020 has seen many individuals taking to the road to explore paths less traveled.

When you’re ready to head out from Houston, we offer rentals that suit most any need. Whether you’re renting an RV to travel in Texas or across the United States, our rentals come with roadside assistance to protect you wherever you go.

At TX RV Adventures, we have the resources you need for your next RV adventure. Here, we want to discuss the different types of rental RVs available and the benefits of each.

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Class A Motorhome Rentals – Diesel 

The class A motorhome rentals are constructed with a specially designed chassis. They have a large diesel engine in the rear of the coach that provides more torque than its gas-powered alternative. The engine’s location helps provide a smooth, quiet ride. Oftentimes, diesel motorhomes are considered luxury RVs, which makes them a great choice for long trips.

Class A Motorhomes – Gas 

Similar to their diesel counterparts, Class A gas motorhome rentals offer many of the comforts you find at home. They’re a popular choice for Texas RV rentals for long trips.

Typically, you’ll find residential-style appliances like microwaves or refrigerators. You may even find designer furniture. They generally have plenty of storage for all you need to travel in comfort.

Class C RV Rentals 

The Class C motorhome rental is a smaller RV usually built on the chassis of a truck. They have a distinctive cab-over profile that makes them easy to differentiate. This space usually provides extra storage or another bed. Many Class C rental RVs offer amenities similar to those you find in Class A.

However, their shorter chassis allows them to go places that larger recreational vehicles won’t fit. When you rent a Class C RV in Houston, you’ll find that there are a plethora of options available for floor plans, making this RV an excellent choice for anyone who loves remote exploration.

Class B RVs 

Often called camper vans, Class B motorhome rentals are great for RVers seeking adventure. This RV is built on a van chassis with either gas or diesel engines. These rental RVs are nimble and drive like a standard van.

This makes them easy options when you need to go between camping and big city stops. Occasionally, you’ll find camper vans with off-road equipment that allows for more remote exploration.

While compact in size, the interiors are cleverly designed to fit the essential. You’ll find the amenities you need to stay comfortable on the road. Likewise, sleeping spaces often convert to seats in just minutes. This RV is a popular choice among couples and solo travelers.

Travel Trailers 

Likely, you’ve seen travel trailers on the road and at campgrounds. They are a popular choice towed by a bumper or frame hitch. These rental RVs are ideal for any type of camper because they have an array of styles and floor plans. Some models even come with slide-outs that increase the living space.

The travel trailer is popular at RV campsites because they are easy to detach and set up. They offer the freedom of having a vehicle as well as a complete home wherever you go.

RV Rentals with TX RV Adventures 

The number of options may feel overwhelming when it’s your first time in an RV. We are always happy to help newcomers to the RV life with any questions they might have. When you know the difference between these rental RVs, you can make the right choice. Whether you are heading out for a week or month, we’re here to help you find the perfect way to hit the road.

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