Luxury RV Rentals: The Perfect Getaway?

Luxury RV Rentals: The Perfect Getaway?

Have the Perfect Getaway in a Luxury RV

With a luxury RV rental, there’s a new option for their road trip experience. As COVID-19 causes many people to cancel their vacation plans, it’s time to explore new ways to safely move through the world. When your wanderlust is pent up, a recreational vehicle rental might be the best way to unleash it. Here’s how a luxury motorhome rental might be the perfect solution for your family vacation or road trip with friends.

A woman in a luxury rv rental from TX RV Adventures

The Perfect Time for Luxury RV Rentals 

While the coronavirus pandemic ravages major hotels and international tourist spots, RV rentals continue to beat the odds. Throughout the summer, TX RV Adventures and other RV rental sites have seen a dramatic increase in bookings. It only makes sense, though. After months indoors because of stay home orders, working remotely, and feeling cooped up, people want to travel!

Right now, many travelers must explore new ways to spend their vacations. They certainly want to be safe during the pandemic. Moreover, they want to be comfortable. With luxury RV rentals, you can find the perfect balance of elegance, comfort, and safety that meets your need to wander.

With a luxury motorhome rental, you remain self-contained and self-sufficient all while traveling through the country. RV rentals are an ideal way to vacation in the age of coronavirus. Whether you want to go on a family trip or a group of close friends, you can eat, sleep, and travel all in one place without risking exposure.

As an added bonus, RV campsites and RV parks tend to provide wide-open spaces, allowing for social distancing. With all this in mind, a luxury RV vacation might be the perfect getaway.

What You Need to Know About Luxury Motorhome Rentals 

When it comes to luxury RVs, travelers need to keep a few things in mind. Before you book your motorhome rental online, remember that there is a wide variety. RVs come in three different sizes: Class A Motorhomes, Class B Motorhomes, and Class C Motorhomes.

A Class A motorhome is kind of like a house on wheels or a tour bus. Oftentimes, these luxury motorhomes come with upgraded kitchens and bathrooms. In terms of size, they are typically up to 45 feet long, which makes them a great choice for families.

However, their size can also make them difficult to handle, especially for newcomers to the RV life. If you do feel comfortable behind the wheel, they are an excellent choice for extended vacations that last a week or month.

When you rent a Class B motorhome, you’ll find it is quite similar to a camper van. These RV rentals are optimal for two people traveling together. While the larger motorhome rentals offer more space for sleeping, these are much easier to drive and park. When you’re looking for a short trip, this might be the choice for you.

Strangely, Class C motorhomes are kind of in the middle. They’re similar to driving a moving truck and can usually sleep from 2 – 6 people. Because they are 21-35 feet long, they are relatively easy to maneuver and park.

Oftentimes, they have an area above the cab that offers extra space for sleeping. With their larger interior space, these are a great option for small families.

A Luxury RV Rental Residents Can Trust 

The next time you want a break from everything in the world, remember that you don’t have to rough it. When you opt for Luxury RV rentals, you can enjoy the beauty of Texas in comfort and style.

Are you ready for your next road trip? Renting an RV from TX RV Adventures may be the best way to salvage your 2020. Bring along the essentials as you establish a home away from home.

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