List Your Motorhome: Common Concerns from RV Owners

When you live in the Houston area and own an RV, is it a good idea to list your motorhome? When you rent out your RV, it can be a lucrative form of income that helps you cover the costs of ownership. Still, the reviews from RV owners are often mixed. While some rental owners talk about a great experience, others have horror stories. 

When you list your RV with TX RV Adventures, it’s a great way to share the RV life with others and bring joy to their families. There are many renters who are amazing, and you have a great opportunity to turn driveway downtime into a new source of income. For many RV owners, the pros of renting out an RV outweigh the cons. 

Below, we want to cover some of the common concerns that hold people back from listing their motorhomes. 


What if you list your motorhome and rent it to inexperienced drivers? 

In 2020, there was a massive surge in first-time RV renters. In an era of social distancing, RV travel is a great way to enjoy the country. With many travelers uncomfortable with traditional vacations, they sought out new options in the RV rental industry. 

This also means that there are many people trying out RVs for the first time. They aren’t familiar with the systems or what RV life entails. When you want to list your motorhome, that can be scary. How do you trust inexperienced drivers with your recreational vehicle? 

It’s easy to let those “what if” scenarios flood your mind. 

However, it’s important to remember that new renters through TX RV Adventures have you and us to guide them. At our Houston RV rental lot, we know RVs and have worked with plenty of first-time renters. We work to ensure they know what they’re doing by the time they leave the lot and ensure they have everything they need when they head out. 

In our experience, preparation and communication are key for first-time renters. When you list your RV with us, we work with you and your renters to make sure their trip is smooth. 


Who’s going to be renting my RV? 

Whether you list your motorhome or take out a Houston RV rental, safety is our top priority. It’s important for us to know who is renting our RVs to protect our assets and yours. That’s why so many RV owners feel comfortable renting out their RVs through TX RV Adventures. 

We require a valid ID issued by the government in order to verify identities. This helps us know that everyone is who they claim to be. Moreover, we require the same of owners who want to list their motorhome with us. 

Safety goes both ways, and that’s something essential to keep in mind. 


Will they be clean? What about the waste tanks? 

Oftentimes, owners are concerned about the cleanliness of their RV. When you list your motorhome, you might worry about renters who don’t return the RV in good condition. Since no one knows your RV better than you do, that might be true. You know the nooks and crannies of your RV as well as potential problem areas. 

This is something you can use to your advantage. At times, owners who rent out their RVs require a cleaning fee. This helps them ensure that their costs are covered when the RV comes back in less-than-ideal condition. 


What if they have mechanical issues or an accident? 

This is a major concern when people think about renting out their RV. It’s scary to consider what can happen out on the road. Accidents and mechanical issues are always a possibility. Communication is vital for any new renter, and we strive to ensure they know how to operate the RV safely. 

Maintenance is also essential to keep RV rentals running smoothly. If you know what to look for, perform a quick inspection before and after any rental. This helps you know when things are operating in less than ideal conditions. 

Still, accidents and issues aren’t always avoidable. That’s why we require insurance policies and have our own coverage for rentals. Moreover, we offer 24/7 roadside assistance just in case people run into problems on the road. We strive to provide peace of mind to renters and RV owners alike. 

Additionally, we also offer RV repair services through TX RV Repair Shop! With years of experience, our technicians know how to handle any problem.


Ready to List Your Motorhome? Give Us a Call!

When you’re ready to list your motorhome, TX RV Adventures is a great place to connect with renters. Research and good communication do wonders to assuage fears, and we strive to take care of all your concerns. 

If you want to rent out your RV, contact us to see how we handle Houston RV rentals. With our reliable platform, we offer a great way to turn your RV downtime into a new source of income. When you have TX RV Adventures on your side, you’ll feel much more comfortable renting out your RV and bringing joy to others.

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