Your Next RV Adventure

Your Next RV Adventure

Texans Take to RV Rentals Houston to Dallas

Throughout the summer, Texas took a shine to RV rentals. Houston residents as well as those in Austin and Dallas took to the roads as the pandemic limited options for safe travel. Throughout the Lone Star State, people admire the look of life on the road.

While we can’t all dedicate ourselves to the RV life, anyone can get a taste of it. With Houston RV rentals, you can find a safe and intimate way to travel on your next adventure.

Your Next RV Adventure

At TX RV Adventures, we love it when a vacation becomes something more special. COVID-19 forced everyone to rethink how we travel. For many, taking a Class C motorhome out to west Texas or even a nearby state park is a new dream. Instead of booking hotels, you can find wide-open spaces or camps in forests and orchards.

From RV campgrounds and parks to RV resorts, you can find places to hike and kayak. You can cook meals in your RV rental instead of risking meals indoors. With a major increase of time indoors this year, many longed for the great outdoors.

RV owners will tell you that travel trailers and camper rentals will give you the peace of mind you need when you’re trying to avoid people. Renting an RV gives you temporary housing with all the comfort of home. Whether you want to cruise America or explore the country’s state parks, turn your vacation into a special event.

RV Rentals: Houstonians Want to Move 

People desire movement and want to travel. Whether going to see family or spending time in nature, they have an innate desire for something different from the everyday. However, many are nervous about traveling by airlines and staying in hotels.

We saw this ourselves with a spike in Houston RV rentals this year throughout the summer. It felt as though half the state loaded up a motorhome rental for a road trip. Oftentimes, people travel merely to get a change of scenery. With social distancing and so many potential risks, those nervous travelers turned to our Houston RV rentals.

Per the North American Camping Report by Kampgrounds of America, travelers view camping as one of the safest ways to get out of town right now. This includes a preference for camping over staying with family or even time in a cabin in the woods.

Tips for First-Timers to RV Rentals 

Here are a few tips for those new to RV rentals. Houston renters know how hard the roads can be on a vehicle. If you any questions, ask our staff!

We’ll make sure you’re ready before you head out on your adventure:

  • Learn how to use your Houston RV rentals systems. Before you head out, test the sink, toilet, stove, and heater.
  • Make it to an RV campsite before dark. When you can see without a flashlight, it’s much easier to acclimate to your surroundings.
  • Practice backing up or parking before you head out. Not everyone knows how to drive a larger vehicle, especially a Class A motorhome rental. Get comfortable behind the wheel before you hit the road.
  • Get familiar with roadside assistance. Even a new RV rental can break down. Luckily, all of our rentals come with 24/7 roadside assistance.
  • Download some camping apps. Apps like gov or Reserve America can be helpful if your plans change and you need to find a new spot last minute.
  • Be responsible while camping. Don’t park an RV within 100 ft of a water source. Try to stay within 150 ft of roadways. This will lower your impact on the local environment.


Ready for Your Houston RV Rental Adventure? 

Whether you head out for a week or month, you’ll learn a lot of lessons about life on the road. One important tip we’ll impart is this. Don’t try to fry chicken while the recreational vehicle is rolling down the road.

RV travel is as glamorous as you make it. It allows for added flexibility because you can reroute on the fly. This is especially handy when you want to social distance. Focus on the people you’re with, the breeze, and the trees outside.

In times like these, that’s all you really need.

With our Houston RV rentals, you can turn any trip into an adventure. As more Texans take to the roads, you’ll become an RV life professional in no time. When you get the itch, our motorhome rentals in Houston, TX, have everything you need. From intimate camper vans to luxury RV rentals, we have a broad selection.


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