10 Reasons for an RV Rental in 2021

10 Reasons for an RV Rental in 2021

With 2020 behind us, people are breathing a little easier, but with the pandemic ongoing, an RV rental 2021 might be your way to travel safely. While social distancing remains necessary, we seek out new ways to live, play, and work safely. Luckily, we offer the cleanest RV rentals in town, making them a great way to lead a happy and fulfilling life while maintaining good health.

Travel is one of the things many people miss about life before the pandemic, and many people think there’s no way to maintain social distancing on a plane or a bus. That’s where our RV rentals come into play! Here are 10 reasons to hop into one of our RV rentals and take a trip with your bubble in 2021.


Avoid Public Restrooms

Anyone who’s been out in the world knows how dirty a public restroom can be. Sometimes, it feels like you’re just asking to get sick, which is obviously something no one wants right now. When it’s best to avoid public bathrooms altogether, a motorhome rental lets you accomplish this with your own private bathroom wherever you happen to go.


Preparing Your Own Meals

While indoor dining is admitted, it’s not always the best idea. Many people don’t want others handling their food or sitting nearby. With a motorhome, you can skip the takeout lines and cook for yourself in your kitchenette instead. Whether you want salad, pasta, or to open up the grill, your RV kitchen comes with everything you need to cook great meals on the road.


Avoiding Shared Beds

Stopping in a hotel might feel risky at the best of times. Now, being unsure who was in that bed the night before seems worse. When you stay in an RV rental, you lessen your risk of exposure to someone else’s germs because you maintain your own bedding. Throughout your trip, you and your loved ones keep the same beds no matter how many places you visit.


Easy Social Distancing

Oftentimes, those who head out on a motorhome adventure do so to see nature. Now is one of the best times to get out into nature because it can benefit your mental and physical health while staying away from others. Social distancing is key these days. When you choose outdoor activities, it’s easy to practice social distancing and have a great time.


Get Your Vitamin D

When you soak up the sun, Vitamin D helps your immune system function properly. Unfortunately, many people across the US are deficient in this vitamin, especially with so many staying indoors more than usual. Because sunshine is the best way for your body to absorb vitamin D, an RV rental is a great way to get out there and strengthen your immune system.


Take In Fresh Air

Aside from vitamin D, being outside is beneficial to your health because you breathe fresh air. It helps you clear your head, relieve stress and lower your blood pressure. When you’re under the weather, time outside in clean air can help you heal faster. When you head out into nature with your RV rental, you’ll get plenty of fresh air and have all the time you need to take advantage of its benefits.


Mental Health Benefits

Being stuck inside, isolated from the world, is terrible for your mental health. While there are some introverts out there benefitting from time alone, it’s not healthy for months on end. It’s important to get outside and move around because it does wonders for your mental health. That might be just the thing to keep you sane in these challenging times.


See America Right

Traveling outside of the United States creates risks right now. There are many countries with border restrictions, and a lot of people simply aren’t comfortable with plane travel now. With an RV rental, you can avoid planes and explore what’s in your own backyard. There are plenty of incredible sights across the U.S. that we often forget about. Why not hit the road and see what’s out there?


State Parks and National Parks on Your Bucket List

Sometimes, we spend our whole lives hoping to visit the beautiful state parks and national parks our country has to offer. Not everyone accomplishes this, though. Now is a great time to check these out. With so many activities discouraged, it’s the perfect time to see the Grand Canyon or Big Bend. Start crossing parks off your bucket list with your RV rental today!


Go Off the Beaten Path

One of the best benefits of an RV rental is how it offers you even more freedom to wander. You never have to worry about finding a hotel because you’re in it at all times. This allows you to wander off the beaten path, knowing that sleeping and eating won’t be a challenge. With one of our rentals, travelers have a great chance to get more adventurous.


Our RVs Can Turn Your Next Vacation Into an Adventure

With an RV rental, you have an ideal way to escape your home and do some safe, socially distant traveling in 2021. Being cooped up for months is terrible for anyone’s health, and it’s important to make time to get outside while still being safe.

When you’re ready to head off on the road to visit the next national park on your list or just want to escape the city for a bit, our motorhome rentals are the perfect way to turn your road trip into an adventure. Call us today with any questions. We are always happy to help!



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