How to Fill an RV Fresh Water Tank

How to Fill an RV Fresh Water Tank
Water is an essential part of RV camping. It lets you shower, do the dishes, and stay hydrated. Whether you rent an RV or are a new owner, you need to know how to fill an RV fresh water tank. If you choose to camp in resorts with full hookups, it might not be a problem. 

However, if you want to camp, boondock, or go for days between campsites, it’s good to know how to fill your tank. 

Where Is the Tank Fill?

Typically, the freshwater tank fill is on the off-camp side of motorhomes and travel trailers. That’s the opposite side of the entry door. Additionally, this is where you find the sewer outlet and city water inlet. However, some models have the fill location on the back or camp side. 

Newer RVs usually have a clear label that denotes the fill location. Unfortunately, that label can fall off. On used RVs, some people may remove them. Check the owner’s manual if you can’t find it – or give our team a call if you’re a renter. 

How to Fill Your RV Freshwater Tank

Filling an RV fresh water tank requires a potable water hose. Make sure you have the proper hose, as not all hoses are designed for drinking water. Next, you need a water filter for RVs that don’t have a filtration system. 

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Position the RV near a source of potable water. Pull in close enough for the hose to reach the spigot and tank fill. 
  2. Connect the RV water filter to the spigot. 
  3. Connect the hose to the water filter. 
  4. Insert the other end of the hose into the fresh water tank fill. 
  5. Turn on the spigot and let it run until the tank is full. 
  6. Turn off the spigot, pull out the hose, and replace the tank fill cap. 
  7. Disconnect the hose and filter. 
  8. Clear water from the hose before you put it away. 

After filling the fresh water tank, turn on the water pump. The pump pressurizes the lines. Turn the pump off until you need to refill. 

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How to Fill an RV Fresh Water Tank Without a Hose

You can also fill a fresh water tank directly from a portable water container without a hose. All you need is a funnel for the tank fill. Unfortunately, without a hose, you may spill water. 

This process is called “gravity filling.”

Gravity Filling

If you want to boondock, gravity filling is a great way to fill an RV fresh water tank. Simply put, you let gravity do the work as you transfer water from a container into the tank. 

  1. Use a funnel and a 6-12” section of hose. You can forgo the hose, but spillage is likely. 
  2. Place the hose into the tank fill. 
  3. Position the container above the funnel. If you have a camping table, you can sit it on the table above the inlet. 
  4. Open the container and let the water flow into the tank. 

Filling the tank completely generally requires several containers. It depends on the size of the container and the size of the tank. 

Stay Hydrated On Your Next RV Adventure

Now that you know how to fill an RV fresh water tank, you can keep the potable water flowing. Your freshwater tank is essential for drinking water, showing, sanitizing, and doing the dishes. As a renter with TX RV Adventures, our team is always ready to help you troubleshoot if you run into an issue. Feel free to give us a call with any questions about our RVs, campers, and trailers!

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