Traveling with Children in an RV… Without Going Crazy

Traveling with Children in an RV… Without Going Crazy

After being stuck inside for so long, renting an RV might seem a bit cramped. However, traveling with children in an RV is a great way for a family to tour the country without the hassle of airport, hotel, and luggage fiascos. 

The kids will love the feeling of driving their house down the road, and you’ll love the opportunity to show your family all the amazing things there are to see in this country. Traveling with kids in an RV is like going on a road trip but still a totally different feeling. All travel comes with challenges, so we’ve gathered a few tips to help you out. Reduce the stress from unexpected situations and have a great family vacation with these tips. 

Choose the Right RV Campsite when Traveling in an RV with Children!

Not every RV campsite or resort offers the same amenities. When you’re traveling with kids in an RV, choosing the right place to set up shop becomes all the more important. You have to consider your family’s preferences for camping.

Do they like to go on hikes and spend their time outdoors? You might be surprised to find out what they like beforehand, but you don’t want to be surprised on the road. 

Parks, RV campsites, and RV resorts all have their own appeals. Some are more focused on luxury, and certain campsites only provide the necessities. While you’re traveling in an RV, the best spot for your family will provide your kids with room to run around and have fun. Being close to facilities and amenities is a bonus. 

Make Rainy Day RV Travel Plans 

Prepare for the unexpected! Even the most efficient plan will hit some bumps along the way, but no one controls the weather. Still, you can plan for rainy days while traveling with children in an RV. Pack board games and have your kids bring their favorite video games, too. 

Are you renting an RV from TX RV Adventures? Look for a rental RV that comes with a console big enough to play multiplayer board games. When you plan for these days, you’ll thank yourself! 

Map Out Your Stops Before You Hit the Road

Recreational vehicles are bigger than you think. Even a small rental RV can feel massive when you’re heading for a tiny parking lot. While you’re making your plans, include some easy-to-reach places to stop and eat. Be sure to note any and all truck stops along your route…

When you’re traveling with children in an RV, you never know when you’ll need to make an emergency bathroom break. Truck stops can be a great place to pull over for a pit stop or to whip up some food for the kids. 

Finding a few places to play is another great way to plan for unexpected situations. Your kids are going to get restless, so noting a few rest stops or restaurants with play areas is a great way to plan for that. It’s good to plan out at least one stop for activities per day so that your children can get out and stretch their legs. 

You’ll find that this is especially true for lengthy trips. Some of the best stops are right off the highway and won’t be too inconvenient – scenic overlooks, children’s museums, and roadside attractions. 

Make a Cleaning Schedule 

While RVs are easier to clean than a home, many people don’t realize how quickly they can become dirty. This means more frequent cleaning than you might expect. You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you set up a cleaning schedule while traveling with children in an RV. 

One of the simplest methods is probably to set up a short cleaning period after each meal. From toys and dishes to the bathroom, it should all be cleaned at these times. Once things are looking fresh, you get to head out to the campground for some sun! 

Have FUN! 

Speaking of fun, it’s important to remember to have some while you’re on vacation!

As is true with life, things don’t always go according to plan. Maybe you have more rainy days than expected, and the kids are tired of your board games. Maybe you missed a couple of clean-ups. There’s no need to despair, though.

Traveling with children in an RV comes with challenges, but remember, you’re traveling with your loved ones. This is a unique time in all your lives. Make the most of it by trying to keep things light, and let go of the need for perfection.

Stay flexible and adapt. Get creative about how you spend your time. Make time to stop and truly appreciate how rare it can be to spend this kind of time together as a family. That’s what family vacations are all about! 

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