RV Checklist for Pets

RV Checklist for Pets

When you camp in our pet-friendly RVs, this RV checklist for pets ensures you have everything you and your furry friend need to enjoy the open road. 

Having your pets around makes any vacation even better. Still, bringing your furry friend with you means more to pack. Not to fret, though, because we have a checklist to help you take everything you need for RV camping with your pets. 

First, there are a few essential things to know before you bring a pet on your RV trip.

Camping with Pets: Crucial Precautions

Camping with your pets is always fun, but keeping a few key things in mind as you plan your trip is essential. 


Check with your vet

Make an appointment with your vet to ensure your four-legged friend’s vaccinations are up to date. Additionally, areas with tall trees and grass are prone to ticks, so you may want to have some medication to prevent fleas, ticks, and heartworm. 

Have a copy of their medical records, particularly their rabies vaccines, in case your pet has an emergency on the road. Some groomers, vets, and daycares won’t accept a client without proof of vaccination. 

Then, ensure their tags are current and that your contact information is correct. Alternatively, have them microchipped.

Anyone with experience with vacation pet emergencies knows that they are no fun. So, it’s a good idea to map out vets, groomers, and daycares near your campground – just in case. 


Check the temperatures

If your vacation is in the summer, note the temperatures ahead. Also, keep an eye on the temperature inside your RV rental. 

Most importantly, never leave a pet unattended in a vehicle in the summer. The temperature inside a car rises much faster than outdoors. If you plan to leave your dog in the RV for an extended period, use a tool that monitors the temperature to know how they are. 

While hiking, stay aware of the temperature and the sun. Dogs will often push themselves with little sign of fatigue. Be sure to take regular breaks in the shade and bring water with a collapsable bowl. 


Check your camping etiquette

Something else you won’t find on an RV checklist for pets is a reminder to practice good etiquette at campsites. 

  • Clean up after your pets. Many places have pet stations with waste bags, but remember to pack plenty of your own. 
  • If you plan to hike with your pet, ensure the trail is pet-friendly and know the leash requirements. 
  • Respect the rules of both parks and campgrounds. 


Your RV Checklist for Pets

Packing for humans is one thing, but bringing a furry friend means you must remember extra gear. Never fear, though. Our RV checklist for pets can prepare you for anything. 

Depending on the pet, you might only need some items. Moreover, some might apply to dogs and cats more than birds or reptiles. Know when to swap things out. 

  • Pet food
  • Travel crate and pet bed
  • Collar with ID tags 
  • Food and water dishes for the RV rental 
  • Collapsible bowls for the trails 
  • Leash and harness 
  • Waste bags 
  • A few of their favorite toys
  • Some of their favorite treats 
  • A towel for when they get dirty (you know they will…) 
  • Medicines they need 
  • Pet shampoo and a brush 
  • Medical records from the vet
  • De-skunking shampoo (just in case they have an encounter)
  • Animal first aid kit
  • In colder weather, booties and a jacket 


Some extra gear to consider:

  • A pet monitoring camera that connects to your phone
  • Pet life jacket for water activities
  • Portable fence for outside the RV rental
  • Temperature monitoring tool (in case you have to leave them in the RV)


Bring Your Animal Friends on Your Next Adventure with Our Pet-Friendly RVs

With your handy RV checklist for pets, you know what you need to care for yourself and your furry friend. Unfortunately, while many RV parks allow pets, that’s not true of all of them. So check in advance with your destination to be sure your friend is welcome. 

Once you know your destination, call on TX RV Adventures for the cleanest pet-friendly RV rentals in town! We have a vast selection of motorhomes and trailers to help you turn your next vacation into an adventure – without having to leave Fido behind.

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