RV Height Clearance: Tips for Safe Trips

RV Height Clearance: Tips for Safe Trips

Tips for Safe Trips

With these RV height clearance tips, you can avoid accidents on your next adventure. Here’s how to plan ahead as you hit the road. 

As you map out your RV travel for the spring and summer, your priority is your RV rental and packing for your adventure. Of course, an RV rental is a must for any motorhome road trip. Moreover, you definitely need the right clothes, food, and accessories before you roll out. 

However, there’s one other thing to keep in mind before you get behind the wheel of a recreational vehicle: the height clearance. 

Out on the road, taller vehicles encounter unique challenges and experiences. Below, we cover what you need to know about RV height clearance, especially if it’s your first time behind the wheel. 

Why Do I Need to Know the Height of the Motorhome?

An RV is quite different from your average car or SUV. Even massive pickup trucks don’t encounter the same issues that an RV does. As such, it’s an important aspect to keep in mind. 

RV rentals are longer, taller, bigger, and heavier than most personal vehicles. Additionally, they require a bit of skill and a lot more care in order to operate them. 

Carelessness, ignorance, and recklessness lead to accidents on the road. No one wants to have their vacation come to a grinding halt to deal with a car accident claim, right? 

Moreover, one of the worst things that can happen as you drive an RV is guessing about the height as you approach an overpass and crashing into it. With the resulting damage, you turn a fun adventure into a nightmare of a headache. From having to organize new transportation to dealing with citations, isn’t it better to take a few minutes to note the RV height clearance?

Knowing Your Clearance

When you know the height of your RV rental, you can map out your journey and avoid clearance issues. Typically, a motorhome maxes out around 13 feet, 6 inches (13’6”). However, that’s not always a reliable number to follow. 

If an RV has an AC unit on top, manufacturers don’t always assess it as part of the height. So, the actual full height of the RV might be different. The same goes for aftermarket additions to the top of the motorhome. 

Luckily, our team is ready to help you have a clearer idea of the RV rental’s max height before you head out. 

U.S. Bridge Clearance 

Across the United States, the majority of overpasses range from 14-16 feet high, per federal regulations. However, some states have lower clearances. Additionally, repaving roads and highways impacts the actual clearance height of a bridge. 

For example, when a city repaves a road, it’s possible for clearance to drop up to 2 inches. There’s no real guarantee that they remeasure the height after repaving. This can cause major problems for drivers. 

When you encounter a low bridge, it’s always a good idea to slow down. Take a look at your RV height clearance and consider a new route if it’s too close to call. 

How to Avoid RV Clearance Problems

With a GPS unit specifically for an RV, it’s easy to avoid a clearance incident. These units allow you to map out driving routes that are perfect for RVs. So, you have a fully RV-friendly trip, guided away from low bridges, heavy traffic, and narrow roads. 

Unfortunately, your average GPS unit doesn’t have the same function. If that’s not your style (or budget), there are plenty of apps that serve a similar function. The biggest pro to this is that you can check it even when you’re not in the driver’s seat. 

Moreover, once you’re ready to hit the road, mount your phone, and roll onto your route. Once you have a good combination of simple knowledge of RV height clearance and more specific GPS, you have a great way to prevent mishaps on the road. 

Ready to Roll? 

Now that you have a better understanding of RV height clearance, are you ready to get behind the wheel of an RV rental? With our motorhome rentals, you get a taste of the RV life and a great way to turn your next trip into an adventure. 

At TX RV Adventures, we can help you find the best RV for your traveling needs. Moreover, we strive to ensure our renters are comfortable on the road. We want you to have all the resources necessary to have peace of mind. 

Plan your next adventure with an RV rental today!

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