RV Maintenance: Why Is It Important?

RV Maintenance: Why Is It Important?

As the owners of the largest fleet of RV rentals in Texas, we understand the importance of RV maintenance. A motorhome is just that – a home. As with any home (or vehicle, really), it requires regular maintenance to ensure it stays in good shape. 

Beyond a home, a recreational vehicle is a vacation spot and a major investment. When you want to own your own RV, it’s essential to protect your investment. With regular maintenance and RV service, you save money. Moreover, you keep you and your passengers safe out on the road. 

Luckily, there are many aspects of maintenance that owners are capable of on their own. However, when you need a helping hand, our friends at TX RV Repair Shop offer affordable, efficient help. 

With the right service, you extend the life of your recreational vehicle. 

RV Maintenance Saves Money Long-Term

Preventative maintenance and service keep your RV adventure-ready. For instance, it’s good to check the tire pressure every few days on the road. This saves you money in the long run because when you notice a dip, you add some air. 

RV technicians estimate that per 1 psi drop in pressure, you reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by roughly 0.2%. So, a road trip across Texas with under-inflated tires costs you a hundred dollars or so with a drop of about 5 psi. 

Moreover, when you maintain proper tire pressure, you improve the lifespan of your RV tires. This has the potential to save you thousands. 

Another way to improve fuel economy in your motorhome is to change the oil about once a year. Old oil causes a reduction in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by about 1%. The same is true of oil not intended for your specific engine. 

When you change your oil regularly, it saves you money on your cross-country road trips. Whether you change it yourself or have a professional take care of it, this is an important aspect of RV maintenance. 

RV Service Keeps Your Vehicle Safe

RV maintenance saves you money. More importantly, it keeps you and your passengers safe. Let’s take one more look at the example of proper tire pressure. Out on the road, underinflated tires pose a major safety risk. 

As tires lose pressure, more of the surface meets the road. This increases the level of friction it experiences. An increase in friction has the potential to cause a blowout. Moreover, tire blowouts for RVs carry great potential for car accidents, leaving you liable. 

That’s why it is so essential to maintain proper tire pressure. It keeps both you and your wallet safe. 

One simple way to ensure your RV is safe is regular maintenance checks. When you visit trusted technicians before a vacation, you keep your RV safe for everyone on the road. Even annual service checks help to improve safety. 

RV techs test everything and replace worn parts as needed. 

  • Worn brake pads
  • Battery testing 
  • Fluid checks and refills 
  • Appliance checks 
  • Proper lubrication and grease 
  • Waste system checks
  • Electrical system checks

RV Service and Rentals

At TX RV Adventures, we understand how essential RV maintenance is. Because so many people depend on our RVs for their vacations, we want them to run smoothly. If you ever have questions about RV service, we’re happy to offer a few helpful tips. 

When you experience a major issue or need efficient service, trusted RV techs like those at TX RV Repair have the experience and expertise to help. 


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