Trips with RVs in West Texas: What to Know

Trips with RVs in West Texas: What to Know

Life in Texas gives you access to the many wonders of the Lone Star State. Oftentimes, people take RV rentals in West Texas to enjoy the beautiful landscape and unique destinations. Whether you pack up a travel trailer rental or go luxury in a Class A motorhome, there are a few things to keep in mind, though. 

To some visitors, the area is like landing on Mars. For others, it’s like taking a step back in time. Below, we cover a few things to consider before you roll your RV rental out to West Texas. 

#1 Stock Up on the Essentials Before You Hit the Road

Every camping trip requires a little planning. Your plans should include where you stop, what you might do, and your general route. However, driving RV rentals in West Texas requires a little extra planning…

This is especially true when it comes to packing up your groceries and other essentials for meals. The towns out West have restaurants and convenient stores, of course. However, many people are surprised to find that the hours of operation aren’t always reliable. 

When you keep your motorhome stocked with food, you always have a backup plan when a pit stop doesn’t pan out. Plan out a few easy-to-make meals and be sure to download recipes to your phone in case reception grows spotty. 

#2 Download Directions & Don’t Get Stranded

Speaking of spotty reception… 

When people tell you the service is bad around Big Bend National Park, it’s not a joke. Luckily, Google Maps allows you to download a map of an area. With offline maps, you save yourself from getting stranded or having to guess at how to get back to your campsite. 

Additionally, you can make note of some locations, by latitude and longitude, beforehand to gain a better point of reference. Lastly, if someone sends you detailed instructions, be sure to save or screenshot them. 

#3 Download Entertainment in Advance

When you use RV rentals in West Texas, the initial drive out is a long one. For large portions of your drive, the signal might be pretty weak. In order to pass the time, be sure to download some entertainment in advance. 

  • Roadtrip playlists 
  • Movies and shows on your usual streaming services
  • Episodes of your favorite podcasts
  • Audiobooks

Driving in silence can get old pretty quickly. Moreover, an already long drive can feel like an eternity. 

#4 Watch the Gas Gauge and Fill Up When Possible

Whether hauling a travel trailer or driving a motorhome rental, the MPG is different from your average vehicle. While this might feel like a “duh” moment to some, not everyone remembers it as they head out in RV rentals in West Texas. 

When you see a sign that says “last gas station for X miles,” be sure to exit and fill your tank. You never know what lies ahead, and some diligence will keep you well above empty t throughout your trip. 

Remember, gas stations are hard to come by out in the vast expanse of West Texas.

#5 Pack Layers and Be Prepared for Unexpected Conditions

Out West, you might experience sun, wind, rain, hot, and cold all in the course of a week. You wake up one day and it’s 85 degrees. Then, the next day it’s down to 45. 

The temperatures swing wildly, and the weather is hard to predict. However, you don’t have to let that scare you away. In fact, after a good rain, the deserts of West Texas really come to life. 

When you are properly prepared for a variety of conditions, you’ll see some breathtaking, awe-inspiring moments. 

Driving RV Rentals in West Texas Makes Any Vacation an Adventure

Driving RV rentals in West Texas can seem intimidating at first. However, motorhome rentals are a great way to elevate your camping experience and stay sheltered in unpredictable conditions. Moreover, our rentals come with Wi-Fi to help you stay connected (as much as you like) and 24-hour roadside assistance. 

When you want to turn a roadtrip into an adventure, check out the Houston RV rentals at TX RV Adventures. 

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