Unplug with These RV Traveling Games

Unplug with These RV Traveling Games

Road trips are one of the best ways to spend quality time with your loved ones, and RV traveling games are a great way to boost the fun! As you get away from the distractions of life in your RV rental, everyone is likely to ensure their devices are charged at all times. However, disconnecting can enhance the trip, and RV traveling games can be a great way to unplug and pass the time. 

Unplug With These RV Travel Games 

When you head out in your rental RV, the fun can begin as soon as you pull out of the driveway. Kids and adults alike need games to play and other ways to pass the time. These road trip games are just a few options we’ve found for times you’re traveling between RV camping sites. Here are a few popular pastimes that have entertained generations of motorhome travelers. 

Board Games Are Excellent RV Traveling Games

While it may be okay for some to plan scavenger hunts that have everyone looking out the window of the rental RV, board games are always a classic way to pass the time. Whether you’re playing apples to apples or just messing with a deck of cards, a fun game that can’t be shaken up by the road does wonders for distracting the family.

Board games also make excellent alternatives for when the weather ruins your outdoor games during a camping trip. Card games are an excellent supplement for any point, and they’re often easy to pack.

“I Spy” Is a Road Trip Classic 

While you’re confined to your RV rental, try to spy something no one else might see. Say “I spy with my little eye, something that…” and let the other players try to guess until someone spots it, too. You can spy anything and everything and describe it by shape, color, texture, or ability. 

For the extended version of this RV game, keep track of the score until the winner hits the number you’ve agreed upon. 

RV Traveling Games from Yesteryear: Cows In the Cemetery 

Assign each player the left or right windows of the rental RV. Everyone counts the cows they see on their side until they reach the day’s destination. Where does the cemetery come in? 

When someone spots a cemetery on their side of the road, all of the cows they collected become “buried,” and they have to start over from 0. The side with the most cows at the end of the trip wins. It may seem a bit morbid, but you can always swap the cows for objects like mailboxes or billboards. 

A Classic RV Game: The Alphabet Game 

This game has a pretty simple concept. You start out with a category: food, cities, cars, animals, etc. The first player starts with the letter A and tries to think of a name from the chosen category that begins with A. The next player does the same with the letter B, and on and on until you hit Z. Keep playing until someone can’t think of a word! 

“Where Am I?” and RV Traveling Games

This guessing game is a great way to reminisce in your rental because it’s all about previous vacations. Think about a place everyone in the motorhome has visited before together. Give clues about the location by revealing small hints about the memory or details about the place. 

The other players can only ask yes or no questions about the location. The goal in this RV traveling game is for the players to guess the location in 20 questions or less. You can also play this game with other categories, such as historical figures or cartoon characters. Each player takes turns being the one asked questions.

The License Plate Game 

As players look out the windows of your RV, they search for license plates from different states and provinces. Start with the first license plate you see and state where it is from. Then, other players have to find a license plate that starts with the last letter of the first plate.

For example, if the license plate is from Texas, the next player needs to find one from a state that beginning with the letter S, such as South Dakota. As an added bonus, when you don’t need the GPS device, you can plug in destinations and see how far away they are.

The game can continue until players aren’t able to find a license plate that works, or they give up. You can also adjust this game to work with other topics. For instance, you can use animals you see on the road, guess cities, or look for makes and models of different cars. 

Other Ways to Unplug in Your Rental 

As you hit the road in your RV rental, remember to pack some other ways to unplug. It’s always nice to stop at a park so that the family can stretch their legs. Plus, when you reach the day’s destination, you don’t want everyone to immediately reach for their phones and tablets. 

Bring along a frisbee or ball for a little exercise here and there. This may all seem a bit old-fashioned, but these games are timeless fun for families with younger kids. 

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