RV Rules of the Road

RV Rules of the Road

If you ask us, there’s nothing that turns a vacation into an adventure like an RV. You just can’t beat cruising along the open road as you head towards your next destination. As it turns out, a lot of RVers from across the country agree! Like every vehicle, there are some common RV rules of the road that every driver should know.

According to the RV Industry Association, about 90% of RV-owning households take 3 trips or more each year with their motorhome or travel trailer. When you’re ready to join the fun, TX RV Adventures is ready to help with the cleanest RV rentals in Houston! 

Below, we address some common RV rules of the road so that you have a better idea of what to expect while on your next adventure. 

  • Can you use the bathroom while an RV is moving?
  • Can you walk around in an RV while it’s moving?
  • Can you run a generator while driving an RV?

RV Rules of the Road: What to Know While Driving an RV 

Because an RV is like a house on wheels, you have access to a lot of amenities you don’t in other vehicles. However, there are some important RV driving rules to follow. Read on to learn more. 

Can you sit in an RV while driving? 

Can a passenger sit out in the “living room” area while the RV is in motion? This depends on what type of RV you choose. Oftentimes, Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhome rentals provide a safe place for passengers to sit while the RV is on the road. This is because they are equipped to withstand motor vehicle accidents. 

Unfortunately, travel trailers don’t fit these criteria. They simply don’t have the same safety features as a motorhome. Typically, they don’t have seatbelts. Moreover, they are not designed to protect passengers should there be a car wreck. 

When you’re riding in a motorhome, whether A, B, or C, sitting in the back is an option. However, you should still wear a seatbelt throughout the duration of your ride. 

Can you use the bathroom in an RV while it’s moving? 

When it comes to road trips, bathroom breaks are a requirement. However, you’re probably wondering whether it’s safe for passengers to use the RV bathroom while it’s driving. To be brief, the answer is yes!

Luckily, you don’t have to roll to a stop to take a bathroom break (unless you’re the one driving, of course). In an RV, the electrical systems are in action whenever the vehicle is on the road. This means you can flush with the water pump as you normally would. However, again, this only applies to motorhomes – not trailers or campers. 

Still, for overall safety, it’s smart to pull over before using the bathroom in an RV. This way, you never have to worry about sudden turns or stops, much less collisions that could injure someone while they’re on the john.

RV Rules of the Road: Can you sleep while driving an RV? 

If you’re at the wheel of one of our RVs, please remain wide awake. For passengers, safety is essential as you pilot your motorhome down those Texas highways. That’s why it’s important to follow Texas RV seatbelt laws. 

In a moving RV, following the RV rules of the road is important. Even when you just want a quick nap, it’s essential that everyone remain safe. If you feel comfortable enough to sleep sitting up in an RV passenger seat, the more power to you! Just be sure to stay buckled up. 

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that sleeping in an RV bed while the vehicle is in motion simply isn’t safe. A quick stop could send the sleeping passenger tumbling out of bed. Play it safe out there when you want to get some shut-eye on the road.

Can you move around in an RV while it’s moving? 

Understandably, passengers in an RV want to use the amenities while someone else is driving. However, it’s not always advisable. Your state’s seat belt laws really determine whether or not you CAN move around while someone else is driving. However, sometimes it’s also a matter of whether you SHOULD. 

Per Texas RV seat belt laws, passengers over the age of 18 are free to move about the cabin. Other states have much stricter seat belt laws. For instance, Georgia states that all passengers must wear a seat belt so long as the vehicle is in motion. This means no getting up to walk around. 

While Texas laws might tempt you to move about the RV, it’s not always a good idea. Standing up in a moving RV is not as easy as you might think. Once again, we also come back to those quick turns or stops. They can truly throw you off balance. 

Can you run a generator while the RV is moving? 

The short answer to this RV rules of the road question is yes. While there are some RVs that don’t come with a generator, other models have them. Generally, an RV’s generator provides 120-volt power to the amenities whenever outside power is unavailable. This means you can use them when you don’t have access to an electrical hook-up. 

However, it’s important to remember that a generator uses about a gallon of fuel each hour. Your engine shares that fuel supply. While the generator won’t drain the fuel tank, it’ll power down around ¼ capacity. 

Other RV Rules of the Road Questions? Contact Us! 

If you have other questions about the RV rules of the road, feel free to reach out! Whether you’re looking to plan your next vacation or want to check out our RVs, we are happy to help. At TX RV Adventures, our pet-friendly RV rentals come equipped with everything you need to turn your next vacation into an adventure!

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