5 Incredible Texas Campgrounds for an RV Trip

5 Incredible Texas Campgrounds for an RV Trip

The Lone Star State has many charms, and they often come from its special blend of metropolitan and country life. With its plethora of great views, Texas offers many opportunities for unique photos. However, any Texan can tell you that to take in its rugged glory, all you need to do is head to one of many gorgeous Texas campgrounds. Texas state parks offer miles upon miles of hiking trails that make a simple camping trip the perfect getaway. 

One of the best ways to enjoy this great state is to take in its stunning landscapes and spend your days indulging in the outdoor adventures available to you. From swimming to stargazing, Texas campgrounds boast a variety of picturesque scenes. As you plan your next getaway, perhaps it’s time to pack up in an RV rental and head out to the wilderness. 

Big Bend National Park Texas

This West Texas campground offers expansive views of canyons, mountains, and ancient limestone. Big Bend National Parks is one of the largest national parks in the United States, and there are plenty of outdoor activities available that make it a great destination for your RV rental trip. 

Boasting some of the best roadside and primitive Texas campgrounds, there are three major campsites as well as a number of backcountry spots that are perfect for when you need to nestle into a secluded area. Offering over 800,000 acres of beauty, you’ll find a variety of outdoor activities to indulge in, ranging from kayaking to backpacking and fishing to nature watching. The region is home to over 4,000 species of animals, making this Texas campground a popular place to view wildlife. 

Garner State Park 

With many opportunities for outdoor recreation, this Texas campground boasts over 1700 acres of Hill Country beauty. The Frio River winds through the park, lending its loveliness to the 11 miles of trails. Between the two, there are plenty of scenic vistas for adventurous campers to enjoy. When you want more (or less) than an RV rental, this campground hosts tent camping, on-site cabins, and screened shelters throughout the park. 

A perfect site for a weekend adventure, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to soak in the gorgeous country views as you tube, kayak, and hike. Swimming and tubing in the Frio are an amazing way to cool off on hot Texas days. 

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area 

When you’re looking at Central Texas campgrounds, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is famous for its enormous piece of pink granite. This unique structure is one of the largest natural rock formations across the United States. A variety of campsites are available to suit campers’ tastes, and ample amounts of shade and views offer an incredible place to hike for a picnic. 

You can lose yourself at night as you stargaze after a memorable day of exploring the outdoors. Popular outdoor activities at this Texas campground include hiking through 11 miles of trails and rock climbing. 

Padre Island National Seashore 

Looking for a unique experience along the Gulf Coast? This Texas campground is perfect for overnight camping, making it an excellent escape for beach lovers. With an amazing cross-section of the sea, sand, and wildlife viewing, these 70 miles of coastlines, dunes, and prairies separate the Laguna Madre and the Gulf of Mexico. 

As the longest stretch of the barrier island that remains undeveloped, this Texas campground offers beautiful afternoons of salty breezes and the serene sounds of waves. Let your worries melt away as you enjoy one of the five year-round campsites and search for the remote stretches of the seashore to getaway. 

Palo Duro Canyon State Park 

Often called the “Grand Canyon of Texas,” this Texas campground is a lovely location for outdoorsmen. Boasting the second-largest canyon in the United States, Palo Duro Canyon State Park offers an array of multi-colored terra cotta that illuminate the valley, make it a wondrous sight to behold. 

Offering a variety of spots for RV rentals, equestrian campsites, and tent camping, this Texas campground also offers cabins for rent on the rim and floor of the canyon. Visitors can hike, back, or travel on horseback to take in this spectacle of a canyon through 30 miles of trails. Famous for serving as an inspiration to American painter Georgia O’Keeffe, rest assured that you’ll be in for some majestic views. 

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