Drivable RV Rentals: A Beginner’s Guide

Drivable RV Rentals: A Beginner’s Guide

Drivable RV rentals are a great way to explore the Lone Star State. However, it’s easy for newcomers to the RV life to feel overwhelmed. Before you set off on your first RV trip, there’s a lot to learn. 

One of the main things to consider is which type of RV rental is right for you. First, ask yourself whether you want a towable trailer or a drivable RV rental. With a travel trailer, you have to have a vehicle capable of towing. 

Not everyone owns a truck, though, so drivable motorhomes are a great option for many people. Still, there are different options available when it comes to motorhomes, each with different floorplans and amenities. 

Below, we take a look at your options for drivable RVs to help you make the best decision for your next adventure.

Types of Drivable Motorhomes

To begin, let’s look at the drivable RV rentals available. Knowing your options helps you narrow down your list to identify your ideal recreational vehicle. 

Class A Motorhomes

Typically, a Class A motorhome is the largest type of RV. However, there are some smaller versions of these out in the world. Many people look at these vehicles and think of tour buses. 

Additionally, many refer to them as coaches. Generally, they offer a good amount of living space, but the size means there’s a larger learning curve. 

Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes are what most people picture when they think about an RV. It looks similar to a larger moving van. That’s because they are built on the chassis of a van and have a bunk that sits above the driver area. 

Generally speaking, these operate a lot like vans, which makes them easier for people to drive. They are smaller than a Class A, though, so they offer less living space. 

Class B Motorhomes or Camper Vans

Last but not least is the Class B motorhome, also called a camper van. This rig is much smaller. Essentially, it’s a cargo van with a sleeping area in the back and limited amenities. 

As such, there’s not much room for the amenities other models offer. Instead, they are easy to drive and come with the basics. 

Go Big or Stick Small with Your Drivable RV Rental?

Not sure which drivable RV rental is right for you? That’s understandable. There’s a lot to consider! 

When you look at the benefits of each, there’s more to help you narrow down your choice. 

Benefits of Smaller Motorhomes

Here are some of the best benefits of smaller motorhomes. If these strike your fancy, your best bet is a camper or a Class C. 

Easier to Drive

These drivable RV rentals are much easier to drive than bigger rigs. Built on a van chassis, they basically drive like a moving van. Additionally, the smaller the RV, the easier it is to move around. 

Easier to Park

With a larger RV, parking tends to be a pain. Some lots simply cannot accommodate a Class A motorhome, and it’s dangerous to squeeze into some other parking lots. With a smaller model, you can park wherever you like. 

Easier Off-Roading

If you plan to take your rig on roads less traveled, smaller is better. Consider your camping destinations and preferences as you look at drivable RV rentals. 

Benefits of Bigger Motorhomes

Still, there are benefits to larger drivable RV rentals as well. You basically have a home on wheels, so it’s important to understand what that provides. 

More Space for Storage

Generally, bigger motorhomes mean more storage space. Therefore, those traveling with family or a big group might want to consider a model with more storage areas. 

More Amenities

More space also means more amenities in your drivable RV rental. If you want a tub, a bigger kitchen, and an oven, you might want to look at a Class A or at least a larger Class C. 

More Space for People (and Pets)

When you plan to spend a lot of time in your rental, small spaces make life hard. So, it’s a good idea to look at larger models so that people have space to spread out. This is especially nice when bad weather hits and the outdoors aren’t an option. 

Tips for Drivable RV Rentals

Once you have your model down, do you know how to drive it? Luckily, drivable RV rentals are not as intimidating as many people think. 

Our best advice? Hop in, take it slow, and practice on our lot before you hit the road. 

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind. 

#1 Adjust Those Mirrors

When you hop into the driver’s seat, the first thing to do is check the mirrors. With drivable RV rentals, different people move them around. That means you probably need to adjust the mirrors. 

With larger RVs, it’s difficult to see what’s going on around you. That means your mirrors are a crucial safety tool. 

#2 Take It Slow

Slow and steady is a great approach for newcomers. Stick to the right lane and maintain a good speed. Let traffic move around. 

Remember, it’s better to move a little slow and be safe than to shave a few minutes off your travel time. 

#3 Watch the Weather

Before you head out, check on the weather. If it looks like rain, keep that in mind and adjust how you drive. Larger RVs are dangerous in inclement weather, so adjust your trip as needed.

#4 Know the Height, Weight, & Width

These are important factors to keep in mind for drivable RV rentals. As you hit the road, weight limits on bridges, tunnels, and clearances can shake people up. 

When you know the weight and height of the rig, it helps you watch for these areas. If you aren’t sure, give our team a call, and we will help you understand the dimensions of the rig. 

Our goal is always to help you have a fun, safe adventure. 

#5 Leave Space and Brake Early

Motorhomes are heavy and huge. That means they don’t stop as quickly as smaller vehicles. So, behind the wheel, give yourself a cushion of space between yourself and other vehicles. 

Additionally, pay careful attention to what’s going on. You need to brake earlier than normal. When you do, it keeps you from rear-ending other drivers. 

Ready to Pick Your Drivable RV Rental?

We hope this helped you understand your options for our drivable RV rentals. If you have additional questions, you are always welcome to call our team. When you are ready to turn your next vacation into an adventure, book a rental with us!

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