Camping in the Rain with Your Houston RV Rental

Camping in the Rain with Your Houston RV Rental

camping in the rain

A little rain doesn’t have to put a damper on your RV camping trip. All you need is to know how to stay comfortable in it. Whether it’s a rainy season in your destination or just a freak occurrence, our RV rentals can help you stay dry. Follow our helpful RV tips below, and your camping trip can be about more than just coping. Remember that whenever you have questions about an RV rental, Houston-area RVers often come to TX RV Adventures with questions.

Stay Optimistic and Prepare Mentally

When RV camping in the rain, it’s important to stay optimistic. There’s no need to call off your vacation when you mentally prepare yourself for a fun, safe RV camping experience. If you stay ready for the wet weather, it won’t take as much of a toll on your ability to enjoy your time out on the road.

Tarps for RV Camping in the Rain

If you expect rain ahead of your trip, plan on bringing plenty of durable, water-resistant tarps. While some of our RVs come with expanding areas that keep you covered, having extra tarps offers you the chance to move around more freely. Moreover, you can erect a shelter for your very own that protects you and your belongings from the rain. With a few strategic knots over your campsite, you can have extra space outside of the rental RV. Whether you want to sit around a fire or start up the BBQ, tarps provide you with the space you need.

Pack the Right Gear

When you plan to spend a lot of time outside during your RV camping trip, remember to pack appropriate gear. A water-resistant backpack is a great start, and a well-crafted poncho can help you stay dry as well. If you aren’t facing the rain on your trip, this type of gear is also great when you plan to head out in a boat, canoe, or any other watercraft. We have plenty of guides available for vacations across Texas landscapes in RV rentals. Travelers are still all too familiar with how the rain can come and go. It’s always important to stay prepared.

Sealable Bags and Water-Resistant Gear

Having a water-resistant backpack allows you to carry around your gear while you wander the campgrounds. However, remember to pack plenty of sealable bags, such as Ziploc bags, so that you can store items you need to stay dry.
• Clothes
• Gear
• Certain foods
• Important documents

What to Avoid while RV Camping in the Rain

When you head out on your RV camping trip and face the rain, avoid wearing cotton. This material absorbs a lot of water. If you get caught in the rain, it leaves you cold and clammy long after the rain passes. Instead, opt for wool and polypropylene in the clothing you pack. They’ll help you stay dry, warm, and comfortable across your campsite.

Tent Tips for Primitive RV Camping

While an RV is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, people still take our recreational vehicles out and pitch a tent for a night or two deeper in the woods. When you expect rain in these cases, a good sleeping bag is a wise investment. No one wants to suffer through a cold, miserable night.
When you find a good sleeping bag, you can handle the cold nights until you’re back in the warmth of your RV. Houstonians know a lot about rare, sudden temperature drops, so it’s crucial to know your material. A down sleeping bag might sound comfortable, but it’s useless after absorbing even a small amount of water.

Fire Safety

A cozy campfire is a great way to warm up your campers on your RV camping trip. However, it is always important to practice fire safety. Even in the rain, fire poses a lot of potential danger to Texas nature.  A steel dryer basket allows you to build and contain your campfire. When you have a tarp overhead, you should also try to keep it a minimum of eight feet above your fire. This will help your campsite air stay fresh.

Pack Games or Pastimes

Think ahead and pack some games to play on your RV camping trip. Even when it doesn’t rain, these activities are a great way for your family to bond in your Houston RV rental.

RV Camping in the Rain with TX RV Adventures

At TX RV Adventure, we love to help families explore the beauty of Texas from the comfort of our motorhomes in Houston, TX. When you select one of our RVs, Houston is a great starting point for your adventure. All of our rentals come with 24/7 roadside assistance to ensure you stay safe on the road. Moreover, they have Free Wi-Fi, allowing you to stay connected for as long as you need to.

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