RV Camping Guide for Beginners

RV Camping Guide for Beginners

RV Camping Guide

RV Camping for the Novice 

Between the new normal of social distancing and shutdowns across the United States, RV camping is more popular than ever. This is because camping in an RV allows you to bring all the comforts of home on your camping trip. You don’t need to worry about crowded planes, dirty hotel rooms, or finding somewhere to eat multiple times a day in an RV rental. 

Everything you need is right around you at all times. The Great American Road Trip is one of the best ways to experience the freedom that RV life provides. When you want to rent an RV, check out our RV rentals and visit our blog for RV campsite recommendations.

Are you ready to experience the RV lifestyle for yourself? Whether you’re heading to a national forest or an RV resort, here’s what you need to know to prepare for your very first trip.

How Do RV Rentals Work? 

When you’re ready to test out RV camping, our motorhome rentals in Houston, TX, come in a variety of options. We make the process simple and easy. Our trusted RV rentals come with everything you need to enjoy your time on the road. At our rental facility, we offer: 

  • A Motorhomes 
  • B Motorhomes
  • C Motorhomes
  • Camper Vans
  • Travel Trailers

Many people see “Class A” or “Class C” and think they need a specific driver’s license to operate these vehicles. However, driving a motorhome requires no special license. Anyone with a driver’s license is perfectly capable of operating these recreational vehicles. Enjoy your RV camping trip by selecting the right vehicle for your camping style. 

Does RV Camping Require Specific Skills? 

For a beginner, an RV can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, anyone who knows how to drive a car can understand the way an RV operates. It’s important to understand that there are different classes. However, as we mentioned above, many of them drive like a van and do not require a special license. 

At TX RV Adventures, we can help to orient new RV drivers before you hit the road. We can break down the need-to-know information on how to connect to power and water, work a generator, or use a dump station when these are unfamiliar to you.

Many people new to the RV life worry about what to do if the RV breaks down. That’s why we offer 24-hour roadside assistance to help keep you up and running. 

Understanding RV Campsites 

When you go RV camping, there are specific amenities to look for when you head to an RV campsite. First, you’ll want to ensure that your RV rental fits in the campsite you want to reserve. Many campsites list the maximum size that fits on their grounds when you book the site online. Checking this ensures you have easy access and won’t need to look for new RV sites.

For instance, a campsite will list its maximum size as 55’. This means that any motorhome 55’ or under will fit at that campground. When you opt for a larger RV rental, look for a pull-through site. At these RV campsites, you can pull the camper through instead of backing in. 

RV campgrounds offer different levels of campground amenities and hookups to their guests. Depending on your preferred style of camping, you can keep your eyes out for these descriptions. 

  • Primitive. Oftentimes, these RV campsites do not offer water or electricity. Moreover, some of these campgrounds also lack flush toilets and showers. 
  • Partial Hookup. Partial hookup sites usually have water and electric hookups. However, they tend to lack sewer hookups. This means you’ll be able to run electricity and water to your RV rental but will have to use a dump station. 
  • Full Hookup. These RV campsites offer full amenities to their guests. You’ll be able to connect to electricity, water, and sewer lines. Oftentimes, these campsites offer cable and Wi-Fi as well. 

When you book a site for your RV camping trip, remember that you have access to the full amenities they offer. This could include restrooms, picnic tables, showers, and laundry, but they also have recreation areas and pools on occasion. 

RV Rentals in Houston, TX 

When you start to plan your RV camping trip, you want a recreational vehicle that you can rely on. A high-quality RV rental makes a world of difference on your Great American Road Trip. We offer RV rentals that are reliable and equipped.

Whether you’re touring national parks and state parks across North America or taking a short trip to nearby RV parks as professionals clean up your home, you can count on us to get you there. Connect with us today to see how we can make your next camping trip your best vacation yet!

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