RV Park Rates: What to Consider

RV Park Rates: What to Consider

Typically, RV park rates range with a few factors. Overall, RV rentals are a wonderful and budget-friendly way to see the world on a vacation. But, how much does it cost? 

Generally speaking, it depends on your trip details. One of those details is RV park rates. 

What Impacts RV Park Rates?

Not all RV parks are created equal. This is because they don’t all offer the same amenities. With that in mind, RV park costs vary depending on where you land. 

Here are a few factors that impact the cost of an RV Park. 


When it comes to RV trips, location is everything. When an RV park sits closer to a popular destination, they tend to charge more than others a bit further away. 


Whether you set up a barebones RV campground or park your rig at a luxury RV resort, amenities vary. While one offers little more than a place to park, others offer full hook-ups, pools, laundry facilities, and more. 

Duration of Stay

In some cases, the longer you stay the better RV park rates you see. For example, if you hitch up for a week, you might get a better rate than a two-night stay. 

Specific Days of Stay

Just like a hotel, some RV parks charge premium rates on specific days – typically weekends. 

Seasonal Pricing

Some RV parks adjust their rates with the time of the year. During their peak season, you might find completely different pricing from off-seasons. 

As you plan your trip, these are good things to keep in mind. Any estimate you put together will vary with the particular park you camp at and the factors above. 

How Much Do RV Parks Cost?

There are a few different things to break down in order to get a good estimate for costs. 

RV Park Rates at National Parks

For many RV renters, there’s no better experience than setting up at one of the country’s top national parks. When you stay in a park, you have access to some truly stunning views. But, how much will it cost you? 

Here’s a breakdown of a few RV park rates for some of the most visited parks in 2020. 

  • Yellowstone: $20-30 per night
  • Rocky Mountain National Park: $20-30 per night
  • Grand Canyon National Park: $9-64 per night
  • Acadia National Park: $30-40 per night
  • Joshua Tree National Park: $20-25 per night

Typically, these prices stay consistent at parks. Camps on the lower end of costs tend to be dry spots without hook-ups. When a site has partial or full hook-ups, they usually sit on the higher end. 

Private RV Parks

While camping with an RV in a national park is great, it’s not the only option. Across the country, there are tons of private RV campsites. From mountain retreats to beachside getaways, they’re just waiting for you to pop by. 

Some offer year-long memberships that allow you to stop by at any point with no added costs. Other chains have rates around $40-80 per night with a range of amenities on offer. 

Luxury RV Park Rates

When you want to glam up your RV trip, luxury RV parks are a popular choice. From the Texas Hill Country to Governors Island, there are wonderful resorts with high-quality amenities. 

These luxury parks come at luxury costs, though. For the basic luxury sites, you can estimate about $80 per night. From there, the prices go up and up, with some reaching well above $1,000 per night. 

Schedule Your Rental & Get Camping!

Luckily, there are RV parks across the country to meet just about anyone’s needs. If you want to save, budget campsites offer the essentials at affordable rates. 

When you want to splurge a bit, luxury parks have everything you need and a lot more you don’t. Your best bet to find a price you need for the trip you want is to do your research and book in advance. 

Questions? Feel free to reach out for some recommendations from our Houston RV rental team!


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