Work From Home In an RV Rental

Work From Home In an RV Rental

Work From Home From Anywhere in an RV Rental!

With the stay-home orders in effect here in Houston and surrounding areas of Harris County, many of you probably find yourselves working from home. After a while, though, we’re all bound be to a bit stir crazy. As the state reopens, it seems likely that some offices will continue to work from home for some time to avoid crowded spaces. Have you been working from home and getting a little tired of the same old routine?

Why not work from “home” in a rental RV? Trade-in those familiar four walls for the lush outdoors and great weather. At TX RV Adventures, working from home in an RV is a breeze with the Free WiFi in our rentals. You can work from home… from just about anywhere.

Benefits of Working from an RV Rental

Full-time travel is becoming is a dream that many people share, and some people spend that dream driving across the country in an RV. To many, RV life may seem like more of a retirement lifestyle. However, more and more people are finding the comfort of modern life in RV rentals.

Renting an RV, whether you want to a new place to work remotely or a full-on break from the city, will give you a taste of a rewarding lifestyle that many are embracing. For instance, when you work as a certified Salesforce consultant, a lot of your planning can be done remotely. Why not take your office on the road?

Here are just a few benefits of working remotely in an RV rental:

Life On the Road with Your Rental RV

If you’re already working remotely with ease, you can trade in the Zoom video conference backdrop for one much more beautiful. While you’re working from home in an RV, you get to enjoy a new life and experience new places, all while getting your important work accomplished.


Working remotely from an RV will give you the experience of a minimalist lifestyle without the burden of social distancing. Take a break from the clutter and maintenance of home life. You can use that time for your career and to explore Texas. As you recover this time, you’ll see that your quality of life will improve sevenfold.

Explore the Beauty of Texas in an RV

The biggest benefit of working remotely in an RV rental is travel! Take your career on the road, to state parks, to other cities (while staying safe of course). This allows you to experience so many wonderful things that simply aren’t available while you’re in the office or working from home. A rental RV can be a life-changing experience. If you need a few ideas for places to check out, here’s a blog post with 5 RV Rental Destinations in Texas.

These benefits are truly just the tip of the iceberg. Once you get a taste of the traveling lifestyle in a rental RV, you might not want to come back! Are you concerned about rental RVs in the current climate of COVID-19? Rest assured that we fully clean and sanitize all of our rentals thoroughly. If you’re ready to try working from home somewhere a little less familiar, contact us today.

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